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The Banrion Capital Management Difference


Differentiation through Alternative Investments

At Banrion Capital Management our team helps advisors improve their client experience by implementing alternative investment allocations at scale, providing solutions for all clients, not just those who meet the accredited investor hurdle. Our solutions are streamlined across models and help improve risk adjusted portfolio returns for your clients.


A Centralized Technology Portal to Simplify Your Investments

Our technology portal is comprehensive solution offering tools and other resources for all your investment needs, both traditional & non-traditional. You'll find educational and research materials, analytical tools, data screens, proposal builders, operational and compliance templates, our curated access platform, turnkey portfolio solutions and a centralized database for all our communications for you.


Dedicated Investment Officer

You'll gain access to all the talented members of the Banrion team without the expense the added costs of salary and benefits. Your dedicated Investment Officer is a member of your team. They can support in all aspects of your investment management. The Investment Officer can assist with client calls, webinars, client communications, trade management, investment policy management, investment reviews and assist in closing new business. So you can focus on maintaining quality relationships with your clients. 


Alternative Investment Access Platform

Banrion Capital prides itself with finding asset manager partners that offer the same high quality service and support for advisors that we provide. Our curated list of partners are fully vetted by our team, our due diligence reports are available for your review. We choose partners who fit 3 main criteria: Core Alternatives, Impact/Value Aligned Alternatives, 40 Act Providers. We work with all our asset manager partners to ensure they understand your business and how best to support your success.

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