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Banríon is the Gaelic word for queen or female monarch. The name of our firm is a nod to our founder's Irish ancestry and is meant to highlight that we were founded by a woman. 

Alternative investments don’t have to be complicated. Banrion Capital Management helps simplify investing in alternatives for advisors and asset managers. With proprietary OCIO technology and a passion for education, we offer turnkey alternative investment models, strategic partnerships and asset allocation to help investors access this burgeoning sector — projected to reach $23.31 trillion in global AUM by 2026.


Banrion aims to help small and midsize advisory firms scale alternatives across their entire books of business, rather than just for clients that can meet the specs of an accredited investor or qualified purchaser. While the traditional approach to asset management has often unfairly viewed alternative investing as complex and inaccessible, we strive to be an execution and communication solution, helping advisors overcome any perceived hurdles.


  1. Make alternative investments a core part of investing for everyone, not just those who have access to private markets.

  2. Provide advisors all the tools they need to incorporate both public and private alternative investments into their practice.

Founder & CEO Shana Orczyk Sissel Explains How Banrion Capital Helps Financial Advisor Scale Alternative Investments!

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