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What's the Alternative? | Episode 5 | "Venture Capital Reimagined" featuring Dave Thornton

Welcome to Banrion Capital Management’s What’s the Alternative Podcast! Join host Shana Orczyk Sissel, the “Queen of Alternatives” Founder & CEO of Banrion Capital Management, as she interviews leaders in the alternative investment space. Learn more about their firms, their passions and about the many different ways investors can use alternative investments to add value in their investment portfolios.

In this episode "Venture Capital Reimagined", Shana is joined by Dave Thornton, Co-Founder, CEO & CIO at Vested. Vested is pioneering index-like exposure to the VC asset class, across company stage, sector, and founding year. Vested acquires its exposure by providing funding to the departing employees of VC-backed companies, who find themselves in the acute distress of having 90 days to find the money to exercise their expiring stock options. This revolutionary approach allows Vested to provide liquidity for startup employees and along the way democratize access for investors to access the beta of venture capital unlike it’s ever been done before.

Dave is Vested’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer. For the last 11 years, Dave has been a serial entrepreneur. His most notable accomplishments include the founding and successful sale of PatientFinder, and his collaboration with Emilio Seijo (a Principal Quantitative Strategist at Vested) in the creation of a real-time illiquid asset pricing model which is algo-trading a $300M book at a name-brand bank. Dave also spent time building the systems at a hedge fund within Citigroup, and worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft. Dave received a BAS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Engineering and Applied Science and a BS in Economics with a concentration in Decision Processes from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. Dave earned a JD from Georgetown University.

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