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Banrion Chief Investment Strategist Joins Morning Trade Live on the Schwab Network

Schwab Network

Nov 10, 2023

AMC Entertainment (AMC) 3Q earnings were recently released. Its adjusted EPS came in at -$0.09 versus an estimated -$0.20 and revenue came in at $1.41B versus an estimated $1.29B. Victoria Bills discusses the outlook for AMC. She notes that the stock sell-off after record-breaking profits is to help provide a cash cushion for debt burdens. She the talks about Caterpillar (CAT). She says that CAT is the best positioned to survive and thrive in high inflation and a slow growth environment. She also looks at Nvidia (NVDA) which she mentions has no major competitors and the push to AI is a massive tailwind to the company’s business. Tune in to find out more about the stock market today.

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