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The Alternative Investment Podcast: Investing With Passion, With Shana Sissel


Jun 22, 2023

Investing is highly personal, especially when it comes to one's own money. And within the world of alternative investments, an investor's personal passions and experiences will often attract them to a specific asset class. Shana Sissel, founder and CEO at Banríon Capital Management, joins WealthChannel's Andy Hagans to discuss how investors can align their allocation to alternative investments with their personal passions.

Episode Highlights:

  • An overview of Banríon Capital Management and how the firm provides services to financial advisors.

  • How passion can be the "bridge" that gets individual investors interested in alternatives.

  • The difference between "ESG" versus values-based or impact investing.

  • Why sports rights are an intriguing asset class for financial advisors and retail investors.

  • How an investor can balance their emotional investment into specific asset classes, while also staying within "guardrails" to have a diversified portfolio.

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