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BTAL, FMF, MRSK: Maintaining Defensive Optimism Positioning

TDAmeritrade Network

Feb 21, 2023

Recent strength in the employment market coupled with stubbornly high inflation have made for a challenging decision for the Fed, says Shana Sissel. She discusses how the economy has shown continued resilience making it hard to imagine a scenario where a serious recession occurs. She notes that she currently has what she likes to call defensive optimism positioning. She continues to maintain a sizable allocation to alternatives, which she believes will do well if market volatility stays higher than average. Her current portfolio includes BTAL, FMF, MRSK, LMAOX and QGMNX. MRSK is a recent addition, which increases slightly the equity beta of the portfolio. She then goes over how tech weakness may be a concern for many, but to her, it makes her take a second look at the space. MRVL, NVDA, AAPL remain favorites of hers and she would be a buyer of these names on weakness. Tune in to find out more about the stock market today

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