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No BS Wealth Podcast

No BS Wealth

Feb 13, 2023

Welcome to the No BS Wealth Alternative Investments Series, where we explore the world of alternative investments with experts from various industries. Our guests come from all walks of life, from forex and commodities to real estate, offering insights and stories that will help you better understand the diverse universe of alternative investments. In this series, we aim to provide advisors and individual investors with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the complex world of alternatives.

Our first guest, Shana Orczyk Sissel, is the founder, CEO, and president of Banrion Capital Management. As a recognized expert in the field, she shares her passion for alternatives and helps us understand what they are and why they are important. We discuss the definition of "alts," which encompasses all investments that are not traditional long-only stocks and bonds, and explore the diverse range of options available, including private equity, private credit, hedge fund strategies, real estate, art, and more. This podcast features Shana Orczyk Sissel discussing alternative investments. Shana shares that only 0.1% of all alts make headlines, either for a high percentage gain or a loss. She explains that the 24-hour news cycle contributes to the perception that alts are risky and highlights the importance of education on this subject. Shana also explains that a small allocation to alternatives can help diversify and reduce risk in a portfolio, and shares data that supports this claim. She also emphasizes the need to build alternative portfolios the same way one builds equity and fixed income portfolios, and not to chase returns. Finally, Shana discusses Bitwise, a crypto company that focuses on education and is one of the best in the business. Join us as we dive into the world of alternative investments and learn from the experts about how to identify and access these investments, and how they can fit into your investment portfolio.

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